life is mine 会社 41

Wei Lan didn’t know what he could still offer Luo Wei. Often he’d make little jokes or bicker a little with Qi Zi, bringing some laughter and humor to this group of secret guards who’d long been used to the serious emperor. That day, when he cleaned Wei Lan up in the carriage, Luo Wei had already discovered how handsome he was. Wei Lan was at least cooperative as he ate. The three wooden cabins were built right next to each other, offering rest to hunters who worked for the imperial palace. Luo Wei fixed up Wei Lan’s messy hair, looking at those deep eyes. The years of martial arts training kept his body well-built and solid, tempting onlookers even through the patches of scars and marks. After he finished the soup, Twelve came in with a bowl of herbal remedy. They didn’t understand why a person like this would still keep himself alive, but their assignment was only to keep Luo Wei safe, and none of them would interfere with Luo Wei’s own decisions. Hey, to keep the website running and keep me updating, please consider buying me a coffee! Qi Zi sympathized with Wei Lan, after all, how someone make a man endure such terrifying humiliation? 人工知能を活用したシンプル且つ効果的なマーケティング及び集客ブランディング向上ならlim。meo対策やインスタグラム集客をはじめその先にある動画やhp制作などもワンストップで可能。インスタのフォロワー増やす方法やmeo上位表示方法などを人工知能で解決します。 A sense of comfort took Wei Lan by surprise. It was true that this young noble received much of the emperor’s favor, but he did not posture, instead existing amicably with everyone on the road. A shadow guard with looks like this wasn’t a good thing, it was only going to bring him more suffering. They were staying at a hunter’s lodge in the forest. I want you to live, is that clear?”, It took a while, but Wei Lan answered, “Yes.”. Qi Zi quickly changed his speech, “Big brother Wei, let me feed you some soup.” Qi Zi wasn’t knowledgeable on the goings on of the martial arts world, and had no idea of what Qi Lin Shadow Guards were. Wei Lan doesn’t know how to read, and didn’t know why Luo Wei had given it to him, only believing automatically that everything Luo Wei did was a blessing for him, “I shall obey the young master.” Even though referring to himself as ‘I’ felt awkward, but Wei Lan did finally say it. The young master wasn’t going to leave him. Wei Lan’s injuries in the carriage that day was so severe that Qi Zi didn’t know where to even start. Luo Wei did not arrange for them to stay at any inns the entire way here, preferring to camp out in the wild in order to avoid Long Xuan’s eyes and ears. The Secret Guards all had good impressions of Luo Wei. Inside, though, the Dragon’s Secret Guards looked down on Wei Lan. “Wei Lan,” Luo Wei leaned down, watching Wei Lan’s listless eyes, “Your life is mine from now on. After letting it cool for a bit, Qi Zi fed it spoon by spoon to Wei LAn. These days were truly joyful. “You should sleep some more,” Luo Wei watched as Wei Lan finished drinking the medicine, “We have to get back on the road tomorrow.”. That fact helped him fall fast into sleep. There wasn’t a single use for him, so why would he stay alive? For people who have chatted with me privately, you know I do a lot of translation on my phone during work breaks. Ten and the rest of the secret guards said nothing about Luo Wei keeping Wei Lan around, and even offered some of their internal energy for Wei Lan during critical moments. He would rather that Luo Wei offered him death, so long as the death was painless. Wei Lan doesn’t know how to read, and didn’t know why Luo Wei had given it to him, only believing automatically that everything Luo Wei did was a blessing for him, “I shall obey the young master.” Even though referring to himself as ‘I’ felt awkward, but Wei Lan did finally say it. Wei Lan’s eyes and brows were pretty, structured by a high bridged nose. Chapter 41: Your Life is Mine From Now On. Ten saw Luo Wei coming out of the wood cabin, and stepped forward, “Does the young master wish to rest?”. When you’re feeling better, I can teach you how to read, okay?”, Wei Lan made an effort to remember the four characters written on the paper, nodding to Luo Wei, but suddenly felt listless, “Young master, my health is failing and I’m not useful any longer, would you still keep me?”, “I’ll find a way to cure you,” Luo Wei patted Wei Lan’s shoulder through the blanket, “I know you lived a hard life before this, I promise you won’t have to live that way anymore.”. His martial arts were failing and his body was unclean. :/ the last few days have been spent trying to get money for a new phone, cancelling everything that was connected to it, and dealing with bank info that was attached as well. “It’s late, all of you should get some rest,” Luo Wei addressed Ten. Unfortunately some guy stole my phone a few days ago while I was just standing on the side of the road waiting for a call. His lips were not especially full, but the shape was beautiful. Life Is Mine 北政株式会社は、2018年9月設立の若い会社です。 外食産業を中心に、飲食店経営・FC事業・コンサル事業・事業投資・独立支援を行っています。 Luo Wei sighed. Luo Wei then wrote Wei Lan’s surname on the page, saying to him, “Wei Lan, look, this is your name.” After a moment of thought, he wrote down his own name next to it, “This is ‘Luo Wei’, it’s my name. Chapter 133: The Trouble of Holding a Baby. Qi Zi came back with the soup, “Young master,” He said to Luo Wei, “I’ll feed him.”, “His name is Wei Lan,” Luo Wei stuffed another pillow under Wei Lan’s neck, propping him up a little higher as he instructed Qi Zi, “He’s older than you, so call him big brother if you need to.”. Hi all~ sorry for the break… Lots of things happened. Luo Wei had surprised him again with his medical skills.

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